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Infallible Ear Mastering Services

The role of mastering in the production process, its importance really can't be overstated. You might think it's something you can do yourself, but is it really? With so many subtle techniques to bring the best out of a mix, so many specialist tools with which to do the job, and the need for a professional platform, you really should think about getting some help.

At Infallible Ear, we understand mastering is all about the compromise between your artistic vision and the listener's expectations when they hear your work for the first time. And we're not talking level wars here. It goes without saying any good mastering house will produce files that tastefully maximise signal and therefore impact. More important is how the material should arrest you with its balance of tone and dynamics. In short, ensure that those sonic pearls you have scattered throughout your music shine brightly.

So, first steps. I'm happy to offer you a demo of the Infallible Ear, just get in touch and we'll discuss the details.

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AudioPlastik - In The Head of A Maniac

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