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Redbus Noface #1 If It Fights The Hammer It Will Fight The Knife

The first album is now done and dusted. At last I've made the work of twenty years available to your lovely ears, and here is where to discover how to acquire a copy all of your very own. There are plans afoot to present these songs in the manner of live performances and I thank those assembled for the task for the effort they are putting in to make this happen; I call them "My Band". Here is where you can keep up to date with where Redbus Noface plan to perform.

Tim Smith Songbook One

So, "Leader of the the Starry Skies". For all those folks who like me revel in the works of my old friend, the maddeningly brilliant Tim Smith. So many beautiful tunes played with so much love, all in one place and all for Tim. I put together a version of Let Alone My Plastic Doll, a beauty of a tune from back in the day. I'm also the lucky boy who mastered both albums, so I got to hear all those tunes as they arrived and, oh yes, they are just amazing. Off you go to The Genepool to get your copy on a new-fangled "compact disc", or if vinyl is your thing, you'll be pleased to know there is now a beautiful but limited audiophile 180 gram double album available for all you wow and flutter pervs.

Believers Roast Presents Roast Fest and The Central Element

On the 12th of November 2011 a full complement of artistes including Redbus Noface gathered at the Unicorn in Camden Road to celebrate eachother's music before a friendly crowd. The strictly limited companion album for the event is available here if you missed the show and wish you hadn't.





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